Monday, December 11, 2017

Randy Rainbow Parodies Roy Moore: "She Was 16 Going On 17"

Randy Rainbow serves up some Roy Moore parody on the eve of the alleged child molester's election night.

And the tune choice?

Perfection - a parody of the Sound of Music classic, "You Are Sixteen Going On Seventeen."

You get the drift...

Hit the play button for the fun.

Pentagon Will Accept Transgender Recruits January 1 Despite Trump Objections

A federal judge has denied the Trump administration's request to bar transgender folks from enlisting in the U.S. military which means the Pentagon will have to allow trans recruits beginning January 1.

From LGBTQ Nation:

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled against overturning her ruling, delivered back in October, that trans people should be able to enlist at the start of the year, despite an ongoing legal battle.

Kollar-Kotelly was one of two federal judges to rule against the ban, the most recent of which also prohibits the federal government from refusing to cover health costs associated with gender confirmation surgery.

On the same day as the second ruling against them, the Trump administration asked for clarification on Kollar-Kotelly’s ruling. Was she really saying they couldn’t delay trans soldiers from enlisting while the legal battle raged on, and while the Defense Department reviews the issue? Why, yes. Yes she was.

Even that wasn’t enough for them, however. They tried one last time to block trans people, filing for an emergency stay against Kollar-Kotelly’s ruling.

Today’s ruling means the military has no choice but to begin allowing trans people to join the military, but doing so won’t be easy.

As the Associated Press reports, “the Pentagon can disqualify potential recruits with gender dysphoria, a history of medical treatments associated with gender transition and those who underwent reconstruction. But such recruits are allowed in if a medical provider certifies they’ve been clinically stable in the preferred sex for 18 months and are free of significant distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas.”

Individuals on hormone therapy will have to be stable on their medication for 18 months.

Redneck Liberal: Roy Moore Is A Poorly Written Villian From Dukes Of Hazard

"Liberal Redneck" Trae Crowder is looking ahead to tomorrow's special election in Alabama to replace now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and like usual, he gets right to the heart of the matter.

Just a bit from Crowder

"The people of Alabama's choices are Democrat Doug Jones, and a poorly written villain from a fucking Dukes of Hazzard episode.

"Seriously y'all, even when you take into account that the man that they’re replacing is a f**king Hobbit from an alternate universe where JRR Tolkien owns slaves, Roy Moore is an unbelievable bag of sh*t.

"He’s a judge who’s been kicked off the bench twice for refusing to do his job, he’s taken money from his own non-profit, he’s openly admitted that he thinks the last time America was great was before the Civil War, he thinks all legislation should be drafted by Jesus, and he presumably believes that the Devil invented dinosaurs and gay people.”

Watch below.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Roy Moore Will Be "The Gift That Keeps Giving For Democrats"

Speaking to CNN today, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham lamented Alabama Republican Roy Moore's candidacy for the U.S. Senate wishing the controversial former judge had stepped aside amid multiple allegations of sexual impropriety.

“Roy Moore will be the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats. To think you can elect Roy Moore without getting the baggage of Roy Moore is pretty naive. I wish he would have stepped aside. We’ll see what the people of Alabama decide.”

Watch below.

Sign Of The Time: Mexico Edition

Currently in Puerto Vallarta for hot hubby's birthday.

There are lots of signs like the above all over ;)

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses Appeal Of LGBT Lambda Legal Employment Discrimination Case

From Lambda Legal:

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it will not review the Lambda Legal case on behalf of Jameka Evans, a Savannah security guard who was harassed at work and forced from her job because she is a lesbian.

"By declining to hear this case, the Supreme Court is delaying the inevitable and leaving a split in the circuits that will cause confusion across the country,” said Greg Nevins, Employment Fairness Project Director for Lambda Legal.

Several federal courts have affirmed the argument that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, when properly understood, protects LGBT employees. Most notably, the full Seventh Circuit overruled four of its precedents and ruled in April that Lambda Legal client Kimberly Hively could proceed under the Civil Rights Act with her claim that Indiana-based Ivy Tech Community College discriminated against her because she is a lesbian.

In April of 2015, Evans filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia against her former employer, Georgia Regional Hospital, arguing that the hospital violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by discriminating against her because of her sexual orientation and her nonconformity with gender norms of appearance and demeanor.

The district court dismissed the case. In January of last year, Lambda Legal filed an appeal on Evans’ behalf, arguing that she must have her day in court, citing rulings by several federal district courts and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) finding that sexual orientation discrimination is a form of sex discrimination and thereby a prohibited employment practice.

On March 10, 2017, a three-judge panel of the Eleventh Circuit held that it was compelled by a 1979 ruling to reject Evans’ sexual orientation discrimination claim.

Lambda Legal asked the whole court to rehear the case so that it could reexamine the 1979 precedent, but unlike the Seventh Circuit and Second Circuit, the full Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals declined to rehear the case on July 6. Citing a clear conflict among the circuits, Lambda Legal filed a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case. Today, the Supreme Court denied review.

Evans is part of Lambda Legal’s efforts to establish and enforce employment discrimination protection for all LGBT people and everyone living with HIV. 

Christmas Music: Band Aid "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

Via Wikipedia:

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" was first recorded in a single day on 25 November 1984 by Band Aid, a supergroup put together by Geldof and Ure and consisting mainly of the biggest British and Irish musical acts at the time.

The single was released in the United Kingdom on 3 December 1984[2] and aided by considerable publicity it entered the UK Singles Chart at number one and stayed there for five weeks, becoming the Christmas number one of 1984.

The record became the fastest selling single in UK chart history, selling a million copies in the first week alone and passing 3 million on the last day of 1984, on the way to becoming the biggest selling single of all time in the UK.

The original version of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" has sold 3.79 million copies in the UK to date.

The song was also a major success around the world, reaching number one in thirteen other countries outside the UK. In the US, the single sold an estimated 2.5 million copies in the US by January 1985.

Worldwide the single had sold 11.7 million copies by 1989.

Chef Mario Batali Stepping Away From THE CHEW Amid Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Superstar chef Mario Batali has been asked to step away from his co-hosting duties at ABC's The Chew amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to Eater, four women have come forward accusing Batali of groping and inappropriate behavior going back two decades.

From Variety:

In a statement, Batali told Eater that he apologized “to the people I have mistreated and hurt.” ABC said it was reviewing the allegations and had asked Batali to step down from “Chew.”

“We have asked Mario Batali to step away from ‘The Chew’ while we review the allegations that have just recently come to our attention,” an ABC spokeswoman said. “ABC takes matters like this very seriously as we are committed to a safe work environment. While we are unaware of any type of inappropriate behavior involving him and anyone affiliated with the show, we will swiftly address any alleged violations of our standards of conduct.”

Batali has been one of four co-anchors of ABC’s daytime cooking and lifestyle series “The Chew” since its inception in 2011.